The DEI Collaborative is a public formalization of the partnerships that have existed for many years among the expert consultants that make up the founding collaborators.




Consultants presented here, individually have a minimum of 15 years of experience in leadership development, human resources, and talent management, in addition to diversity equity and inclusion. Collectively, there is over a century of knowledge and expertise that is accessible to you as a client of one or more collaborative consultants.

Our goal is to touch your organization as a whole, rather than in random departments and functions.

If DEI is truly to be embedded into your company, a commitment of time, energy and resources will be required.

 If you are ready to make that commitment, contact a consultant below.

Our Consultants

Stacey Gordon, MBA

CEO, Founder

Rework Work

LaVada English

CEO, Founder

Bright Places

Thelá Thatch, PhD

CEO, Founder

Thelá Thatch Consulting

Sonya Kaleel, M.S.

CEO, Founder

The Inclusion Practice